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It's simple.


Modular construction

Easily expand PillBox to match your needs

Expand your PillBox to match your needs by connecting additional modules!

Full synchronization with dr Poket platform

All medical information accessible everywhere… anytime!

dr Poket allows you to access your meds list and schedule from any device by yourself, your caregiver or doctor..


Children safety has the highest priority so you no longer need to worry about it

Security system used in the Pillbox and glasses design, protects your child from unauthorized drug taking.

Support for most popular pills

Easily fit your current meds into the PillBox

Designed modules allow you to use PillBox with the most popular pills.

Drug overdose alerts

Eliminate the risk of overdose!

It is our job to protect you from overdosing your meds. You will be alerted before taking too much pils.

Adapted for disabled

Created to match seniors and disabled people needs

PillBox has large buttons, LED & Braille indicators and tactile edges to guide you to the correct glass.

Easy to transport

Take your PillBox with you, wherever you go

We will take care of you even if you travel a lot. Compact size, low weight and rechargeable battery give you the possibility to take the PillBox with you anywhere!

Privacy and Security

Your meds - your safety and privacy

Provided by HIPAA Compliant secure cloud servers, secured and encrypted connections, automatic backup.

Battery and AC

No worries about loss of power

Built-in battery allows your device to stay fully operational even when you don't have access to the power outlet for a few days.

dr Poket barcode scanning dr Poket barcode scanning

Just scan the barcode from package

Compatible with all devices Mobile application

and all available information about the drug immediately enters your account on the dr Poket platform

Intelligent meds dispenser

and your PillBox !

PillBox reminds you about the time for taking your medicine, it serves the medicine to you and even informs you when your drug supply is getting low.